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Wayne To, M.Phil.

Vice President, Senior Scientific Fellow

Wayne To serves as Vice President, Senior Scientific Fellow, at Kodiak where he brings over 25 years of experience in biopharmaceutical research and development across the academic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology settings. In his role, Mr. To’s primary responsibility is to identify technical gaps across Kodiak’s product and pipeline development and to apply scientific leadership in collaboration with project and departmental owners. Mr. To’s extensive experience includes UCSF, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, DNAX Research Institute (now Merck South San Francisco), Avidia, Amgen, Amunix, and Kodiak Sciences. Additionally, Mr. To has been the core lead in all aspects of molecule evaluation, protein production, process development, biochemistry, chemistry manufacturing and controls (CMC) as well as bioinformatics Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for Avidia, Amunix and Kodiak Sciences. While at Avidia, he served as CMC scientific lead to the project core team which designed and developed the investigational candidate C326 from concept to First In Human clinical studies in eighteen months and contributed significantly to the acquisition of Avidia by Amgen for $450 million three years after company inception. He also played the critical CMC role at Amunix Inc. where he contributed to the development of two products from concept to First In Human clinical studies in 24 months in collaboration with Versartis Inc, which product portfolio contributed to the company’s successful initial public offering in March 2014. Mr. To completed his postgraduate training at University of California San Francisco.