Follow the Water

The ABC Platform

Inspired by Nature, Designed with Water in Mind.

The ABC Platform is at the heart of our portfolio of retina medicines.

This innovative platform uses our bio-inspired polymer to orchestrate water around a purpose-built antibody to power new and enduring capabilities.

IgG1 Antibody

The ABC Platform creates a water force field around the antibody without obstructing the binding sites.

This makes the bioconjugate optically clear and imbues it with special properties because it focuses the antibody on its target while shielding it from non-targets during its journey.

The ABC Platform

Precision engineered for increased durability and efficacy

Same Where It Matters

  • Clinically proven targets
  • Antibody-based biologic
  • Intravitreal injection: 25M+ per year
  • Optically clear, no residues
  • Fast and potent clinical responses

Different Where It Counts

  • Designed-in ocular durability
  • Designed-in rapid systemic clearance
  • Improved bioavailability
  • Improved biocompatibility
  • Improved stability

The bioconjugate harnesses the power of water. Water strongly influences the behavior of a molecule in its local environment.

Explore the role water plays in these key attributes of our ABC Platform.



The biopolymer is made of phosphorylcholine, a building block of our cell membranes. Phosphorylcholine is electroneutral (a zwitterion) and biocompatible.

Phosphorylcholine is special because it is the strongest water-binding zwitterion. It attracts and binds water in a strong and permanent way.

The Role of Zwitterionic Phosphorylcholine in Nature

On the external surface of our cells is the phospholipid bilayer, made of hydrophilic phosphorylcholine head groups and lipid tails.

Phosphorylcholine is a zwitterion (a balance of positive and negative), enabling it to attract and permanently bind water molecules.

This hydrophilic phosphorylcholine creates a water microenvironment in which water molecules are structured — irreversibly bound at the cell surface to the phosphorylcholine groups, forming a kind of “liquid ice”.

This water microenvironment is important because it conditions and participates in local biomolecular interactions.

Phosphorylcholine is the primary lipid head group (>95%) on the external surface of all human cells.

Biopolymer binding to water creates structured water layers.

In the ABC Platform, each biopolymer arm contains many hundreds of phosphorylcholine molecules – the strongest water binding zwitterion.

Each arm binds a tremendous amount of water very tightly. The water becomes less structured or loose farther away from the phosphorylcholine molecules.


In essence these water layers provide radial coverage of the bioconjugate like a force field – without obstructing the binding sites. This is called "structured, macromolecular water."

This makes our ABC medicines optically clear and imbues them with new and special properties.

See Why By Traveling Through the Eye

The bioconjugate is designed to enter the eye via intravitreal injection. It is optically clear and has the benefit of a long residence time in the vitreous.

The Role Water Plays in Binding to Targets



The First Bio-Inspired Water Enhanced Biologic

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Antibody Biopolymer Conjugate (ABC) Platform

The antibody and biopolymer are stably bound to create a bioconjugate.
The bioconjugate enters and exits the eye intact leaving no residual material.

The stable, single-site specific linkage is non-degradative and non-erodible.