• Imagine losing your visual connection to the world

  • Age-related macular degeneration is a leading cause of blindness

  • We’re confronting retinal disease for the benefit of patients

    Kodiak is designing and developing novel therapies for the treatment of retinal disease.

"My doctor tells me I am on the best available therapy, but I still don’t see well. I need a stronger medicine."

The next generation of wet AMD therapy will target a combination of biologies for superior efficacy.

Our wet AMD therapeutic candidate, KSI 201, is a biopharmaceutical that blocks multiple biologies linked to AMD. KSI 201 may provide a superior visual acuity benefit for patients.

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"My regular treatments worked for the first several years. But now my vision is getting worse again."

The next generation of wet AMD therapy will prevent and treat underlying disease pathophysiology in order to achieve a more long-lasting response to therapy.

Our wet AMD therapeutic candidate, KSI 201, is designed to be a disease modifying therapy that may provide near term visual acuity benefit while also preventing long term disease progression.

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"My disease level is such that I need to come in every month for the injection. But I don’t seem to find the time and often miss treatments."

Both patients and physicians will benefit from therapies that require injection less frequently.

In addition to its potential visual acuity benefits, data suggest a single injection of our wet AMD therapeutic candidate, KSI 201, may be able to replace multiple injections of today’s therapies.

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